Jiangmen VIM Machinery Co., Ltd.
Equipments detail
Equipment: Laser Cutting Machine
Equipment Type: Rubber Special Equipment -> Cutter
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2011-08-25
Main Features:
Description: Processing a wide range of fabrics,edge smoothing,automatic close-in,without deformation,graphics design random by computer. Embroidered patch cutting (before and after embroidered cutting),profiled trademark cutting,clothing pieces,pierced leather,garments processing,cowboy fountain of supplies,clothing cutting and engraving on the surface,the one-time single-layer or multi-layer fabric cutting,drilling,engraved. Use the laser industry most advanced control system A-control system. Unique intelligent predictive algorithm and improved control algorithm to ensure that processing hight speed,smooth and efficient. Operational speed,laser energy real-time tunable,and very easy for customers to operate. Cutting energy automatic compensation function,cutting greatly improved results. Built-in128MB of memory(up to 1G),can also store 99s to support power-fall data retention of permanent storage area.
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